CV Partner and Brazil Alpha coordinator, Pastor Edu Isídio, learns to share the love of Jesus with people online through CV training – and one life has already been rescued. 

First connecting with CV in 2021, Ps Edu completed our free training on how to engage with people online who want to know more about Jesus.  The training equipped him to address a range of topics including dealing with depressive thoughts and overcoming spiritual coldness. 

One evening, while having dinner with friends, a message came through to Ps Edu through a CV activity.  Luisa*, the young single mother who sent the message, had given up on life and wanted to end it all by committing suicide. The pastor replied immediately and what followed was a meaningful conversation in which Ps Edu was able to share the love of God with Luisa and convince her to give life, and Jesus, a chance.

We pray that Ps. Edu Isídio and all of our CV partners have the wisdom to keep having significant conversations with people who are looking online for answers to life’s biggest questions and their personal struggles.

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* Names have been changed


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