NPI Myanmar – The Next Chapter

Through the National Pioneers Initiative (NPI), we have felt a strong calling to impact Myanmar’s Burmese people, one of the largest unreached Buddhist people groups in the world, for Christ. We were therefore overjoyed to learn of the Alliance for Burmese Calling (ABC), whose core objective is to share the gospel with the Burmese people. 

Former NPI members helped to create the ABC and it is almost entirely supported by a Burmese entrepreneur who came to our first entrepreneur meeting in Mandalay two years ago! Like our founder Lord Edmiston, this Burmese businessman is using his entrepreneurial skills and resources to help impact his nation for Christ. 

Philip, our Myanmar Country Manager, noted: ‘How wonderful it is to see a movement happening that we have been praying and longing for a decade to see as a fruit of our work’. 

As we hand over the NPI in Myanmar to our partners, we pray that the work that has been started would continue to grow. Already, through partnerships like this, our prayers for ongoing impact of the Burmese are being answered beyond our expectations. 🙏



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