Ministry in VR

Representatives from Christian Vision (CV) recently spoke at the ‘Ekklesia 24’ conference held by Share Jesus International (SJI) at Westminster Chapel in London. Approximately 100+ people attended, including church leaders and those interested in utilising technology for ministry. 

The CV team was invited to join panels and discussions that focused on the intersection of technology — particularly AI — and ministry within the Church, alongside representatives from Lausanne Movement and Spirit Sync.

Janet Sewell, from the Lausanne Movement, discussed the implications of virtual reality (VR) in mission and church contexts. She also touched on the theological appropriateness of exploring the virtual world, if ministry is possible in VR, and if there can truly be a successful hybrid church model — where the traditional church can blend with VR.  

CV’s Charlotte Nall addressed the practical applications of AI in engaging communities and sharing Christ. She also highlighted the online space as a ‘modern-day marketplace’ for ministry, and shared practical steps for starting with AI tools.

Joel Aleburu, founder of Spirit Sync, emphasised the role of AI in streamlining church operations and supporting pastoral care and spiritual growth. He also spoke on the importance of becoming familiar with AI technology and what it means to use it responsibly.

The two-day event was a great success with several attendees interested in learning from CV about AI and its potential for the Church. Many of these subscribed to CV Training and CV Resources

Footage from the event can be found on YouTube or via the SJI page.


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