Mastering Audio for Ministry Videos

Don’t let bad sound quality compromise the impact of your ministry’s video projects! 

Whether you’re creating a sermon, a promotional video, or a testimonial, great audio quality is essential to ensure your message is received clearly and with emotion. 

Unfortunately, many ministries fall short in this area, compromising the quality of their videos and ultimately, their message.

Fear not! Howard Fyvie, a successful director, creative producer, and animation and live-action content creator, is here to help. 

Howard knows how important good sound quality is, and he’s offering his expertise to help your ministry create videos that truly resonate with your audience.

In this CV Resource video, Howard focuses on the importance of audio quality, both during the production process and in post-production. You’ll learn on-set best practices to ensure your sound is balanced, clear, and free of background noise. 

Howard will also guide you through post-production techniques to take your audio quality to the next level, so that your message is delivered with clarity and emotion.

Don’t let poor sound quality detract from the impact of your ministry’s message. Sign up to CV Resources to watch, download, and learn from this video and take the first step towards creating powerful and effective video content for your community. 

With Howard’s expertise and your dedication, your ministry’s videos will be truly exceptional.


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