Single Mother Impacts Her Community: Impact Southeast Asia

Gita* is a single mother who overcame drug addiction and physical abuse to become an inspiration to other street people, especially women. After her father died, she could no longer tolerate her mother’s cruelty, so she lived on the streets in the public park of a large city. She lived from day-to-day by gathering and selling plastic bottles.

Then, in 2013, two ladies approached her and told her about Jesus Christ. Immediately she sensed God’s love for her, however she did not know where to find Him and kept wondering why He had allowed her to fall and break into a thousand pieces… until she had a vision of Christ smiling at her.

Then she knew that God loved her and would do good things for her. Gita personally witnessed answered prayer when she was giving birth to her child and suddenly became blind. She prayed and could see again. Another time she was caught in a dangerous storm and prayed for the rain to stop, and it did.

Gita believed in Jesus and was baptised. Now she courageously shares the Gospel with everyone in her community: street kids, gangsters, rubbish cleaners, even the police patrolling her park. Through CV support she now is able to rent a small house that she uses to minister to other vulnerable, homeless women. With a local church partner, Gita is being mentored and trained to reach out to her homeless colleagues and help them with a small rubbish recycling business. She is also helping other women like herself break out of this cycle of poverty and homelessness by sharing her testimony of hope in Jesus Christ.


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