By their very nature, projects are meant to start and finish. Our CV Impact a Nation projects and National Pioneers Initiatives (NPI) are no exception, designed to produce spiritual transformation at times and in areas of particular opportunity. Often these times of special opportunity are not immediately obvious, because of the crises or conflicts associated […]

The National Pioneers Initiative (NPI) is a ministry of CV that aims to support 1,000 indigenous missionaries, called national pioneers, through local sending churches. We have learned three principles through the NPI paradigm: 1. National pioneers are uniquely called to impact their nations for Christ; 2. Local churches are the best partners in this pioneering […]

Mr Binh* is an NPI pioneer who is much loved by the people of his island, especially children. Currently, he is being monitored by local authorities because of his evangelism activities. Recently, the authorities captured him and confiscated his phone so they could check his contacts and messages. He has been released, but they are […]

Pastor Eurico* is the indigenous leader of a church in East Timor, where he bravely faced the local sorcerer. In rural villages, animist beliefs are deeply rooted and some are very absurd. When there was a landslide on one of the mountains, the local sorcerer said this was a bad omen, indicating that a community […]

Radio Voz, our FM radio station in East Timor, is now run by UCB and continues to impact lives. Recently the Radio Voz team was visited by a well-known East Timorese singer, whose life has been transformed by the Lord and who has been a loyal Radio Voz listener for a long time. The singer […]

Pastor Oracio is one of our indigenous successors in Oecusse, the only place in East Timor where our church remains closed due to persecution. A month ago, Pastor Oracio was surprised by an unusual invitation, through a third party, from one of the most vocal leaders of the persecution. He invited Pastor Oracio to visit […]

As part of the East Timor NPI that seeks to build indigenous, self-sustaining churches, we established a children’s school. The school is an opportunity for the church to connect with and impact the community, and it has been endorsed by the East Timorese government as being a model for best practice in early childhood education. […]

Gita* is a single mother who overcame drug addiction and physical abuse to become an inspiration to other street people, especially women. After her father died, she could no longer tolerate her mother’s cruelty, so she lived on the streets in the public park of a large city. She lived from day-to-day by gathering and selling plastic bottles. Then, in 2013, two ladies approached her and told her about Jesus Christ.

Our Non-Government Organisation (NGO) license application for Myanmar Care Network (MCN) has been approved! Now, we can provide our care work under MCN as a charitable organisation, rather than through our company. We are already providing care to people traumatised by conflict in Rakhine state, and recently we provided care to people in the Yangon […]

National Pioneer Lian works amongst Buddhists. Here is his story: By God’s grace I already serve in three places and am pioneering two new villages. Every Friday we fast and pray, then on Saturday we have fellowship and go from house to house sharing and teaching God’s word and encouraging the new believers. A recent […]