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The NPI pioneers in Myanmar are actively and effectively working to reach people for Christ and build self-sustaining churches. Here are some of their stories:

One man is a recent convert who has now become a pioneer. At his regular Gospel outreach, he met a couple near Irrawaddy river bank and shared with them the good news of Jesus. The couple were very upset; they were newly married against the will of their parents. They were also pregnant and struggling to survive. They were even thinking about suicide by taking medicine.

At that very time, they met the pioneer and learned from him that there is a God who would answer their prayer for an end to their difficulties and depression. Since then, the couple looked for the pioneer whenever they visited the river bank, with the hope that they might see him. And then, they met unexpectedly on the road again. The couple shared how their first meeting helped them in their time of difficulty and depression. The couple decided to stop their plan for suicide and prayed to God instead. Now, the parents from both sides have welcomed them back and they also gave birth to a baby without any difficulty. They invited the pioneer to visit their house so that they may learn more about Jesus. We praise God for what He has done in the life of this couple and their parents!

Another pioneer actively runs an Alpha program in his mission field and visits hospitals to share the Gospel and pray for the sick. With his mission team leader, he ran a Gospel seminar, where four people got saved and a 70 year old lady received water baptism. She said that she had done a lot of good deeds but had no peace or assurance for her afterlife. She always worried about herself, her family and her children, and about their future. Through the Gospel seminar, she learned that Jesus is the true and living God that she should trust. She decided to follow Jesus and received water baptism.

Please pray for the crisis happening in Rakkhine state, as it can bring instability to the country and delay development. Please pray for the state and religious leaders to be filled with God’s wisdom to deal with this crisis.

Please also pray for our pioneers, as the government has banned worship in unregistered churches. No one has been detained so far, but please pray for freedom of worship.


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