Life Transformed: Impact Eastern Ukraine

impact communities

Nik* heard about God when he was in prison. Although he believed that God existed, he didn’t make any decision to follow Him at first.

After being released from prison, Nik met some of the pioneers who are working to impact communities in Eastern Ukraine with the Gospel.

Out of the warm relationships that he built with the pioneers, Nik started to take part in the events of the church, to help in the church, and to just hang out at the church more often. After some time, he began to see how God was answering his needs and taking care of him. Having received a personal message from God, Nik finally made a decision to make a covenant with God. He took this step of faith and was baptised.

Nik is so happy that he met the pioneers; it was an encounter that saved his life. Nowadays he is employed, he regularly attends church, and he continues to help at the services. We thank God for another transformed life!

Please pray that the Impact Eastern Ukraine pioneers would reach many more people, like Nik, who need to experience the transforming love of God.


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