Iryna is a young Ukranian woman who was born with various disabilities and orphaned as an infant. Iryna grew up in an orphanage and only left in 2014 when, as a young adult, she moved to Orlovskoye, a town in Eastern Ukraine and the site of major military actions just two years later. Being an […]

One day a man came to a tent that belonged to the ministry of the NPI pioneers in Eastern Ukraine. He asked if they baptise children, according to the Orthodox tradition. The man had heard about Jesus when he was in jail and he had already asked Jesus for forgiveness. Following this first visit to […]

Sofia* is a kindergarten teacher in Ukraine. She likes her job, is married and has financial stability, all of which make her known as a successful person in her village. A team of NPI pioneers that worked in Sofia’s neighbourhood collected toys to give them out to children in need during one of their evangelism […]

Dana*, a 12-year-old girl from Ukraine, grew up without her father. Her mother, Alina*, told the girl that he was constantly on business trips and would come home one day, but Dana eventually realised that he had left them and started a new family. Although Dana was living with her brother and mother, no one […]

My name is Oleksy*. I live in the Donetsk region of Eastern Ukraine. When the war in Ukraine began I was very upset and afraid it would reach my town, but then I realized that it could also bring opportunity for some changes in my town, as well as in the whole country. I have […]

Milena* from Armenia wrote to us 4 months ago. She said she was seeking God and needed Him in her life. She also asked us to help her pray because she would get distracted every time she tried to pray alone. A CV online volunteer contacted her and offered to pray together. During their conversation, […]

When a family faces hard times, and especially if their struggles concern children, they often turn to God for help because He is able to solve problems that seem impossible to overcome with manpower. Marina* relied on God for this exact reason. She came to an evangelistic tent in the centre of Zolotoe village, that […]

Alcohol addiction is when the first thought that comes to mind in the morning is, “Where can I get more ‘fuel’?” When one day is hardly different from the next and it’s even hard to tell whether it’s night or day at all. When you look much older than you are and hope to find […]

In March 2018, in the middle of the night, our online volunteers received a message. A young woman was begging for help saying: “I have a drug addiction. I have two little daughters, who will most probably be taken from me. I have no place to live, no work and I don’t want to live […]

A woman from Armenia contacted us seven months ago. She feared that her family suffered from a hereditary curse because every March, since 2008, she had something strange and unfortunate happen to her. The woman told us that her parents had both died before they turned 59 and asked for prayer to be set free […]