Join the Tech Revolution at Digital Day: Future Now

Christian Vision’s 2023 Digital Day: Future Now 

Bridging Mission and Technology for Global Evangelism


At the intersection of mission and technology, Christian Vision (CV) stands as a global ministry committed to introducing the world to Jesus.

Since its inception in 1988, CV has been at the forefront of leveraging advanced technology, global talent, and strategic partnerships to amplify its missional impact. 

In a remarkable stride towards this commitment, CV proudly presents the 2023 edition of Digital Day: Future Now, its annual innovation conference that explores the role of technology in the mission field.


The mission and the journey

CV’s overarching mission is clear – to introduce a million people to Jesus each day, especially in predominantly unreached areas. The approach involves a synergistic blend of optimised social media advertising, effective gospel content creation, and a mix of on-the-ground and digital pioneering activities. 

This strategy reflects a deep understanding of the contemporary world’s digital landscape and the importance of technology in reaching people with the gospel.


Digital Day: Exploring the future of technology and evangelism

At the epicentre of this commitment is Digital Day: Future Now, a one-day conference set to be held at King’s House, London, and livestreamed in multiple languages. This event, scheduled for Thursday 9 November, will explore how AI will shape and amplify the spread of the gospel through missions and ministries.

With sessions delving into Ethical AI, Harnessing Gen-AI, Future-Readiness and more, Digital Day aims to provide attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the evolving landscape where technology meets mission.

CV Managing Director, Heinz Oldewage, said the event is more than just a conference, but a testament to the continuous commitment of CV to adapt, evolve, and employ cutting-edge technology to share the message of Jesus with the world. 

“As technology advances, so does the way we work,” he said. “Digital Day showcases how mission and technology converges for a more connected future and an even bigger global evangelical impact.”


Speakers: Visionaries at the forefront of mission and technology

Digital Day boasts an impressive lineup of speakers, each an expert in their respective fields, contributing to the event’s rich tapestry of insights.

James Poulter: As the CEO and Co-Founder of Vixen Labs, James specialises in voice consultancy and design – assisting brands in leveraging voice-first technology and conversational interfaces for communication and promotion. With a distinguished career in digital marketing, James brings a unique perspective on conversational AI strategy.

Sherol Chen:  Sherol is an AI researcher and engineer working on adaptive generative tools. She has advised on Machine Learning for Cloud enterprises and taught AI around the world.

Mike Bugembe: An award-winning entrepreneur in data, AI, and machine learning, Mike is the CEO of Decidable Global Ltd., the world’s first social data storytelling platform. He is also the author of the bestseller ‘Cracking the Data Code’ and he is renowned for uncovering hidden data treasures.

Mal Fletcher: A media/social futurist, commentator, and the founding National Director of Youth Alive Australia, Mal is set to share his insights at Digital Day. Based in London, Mal is the chairman of 2030Plus, a futures forum that offers insights on future change to leaders and organisations.

Daniel Whitenack: Daniel is a PhD-trained data scientist with more than a decade of experience in developing and deploying machine learning models at scale. He brings a wealth of knowledge on data-intensive applications in industry and academia. His entrepreneurial spirit and role as a podcast host add extra depth to the exploration of the technological future.

Gareth Russell: Gareth is the Managing Director of Jersey Road PR, a business that gives voice, profile and influence to faith-based organisations across the globe, through national, regional, and Christian media.

Stuart Cranney: As CV’s Director of Innovation, Stuart is on a mission to harness emerging technologies for greater missional impact. He is the driving force behind transformative initiatives that align with CV’s vision, fostering innovation and growth.


Focus on evangelism

Digital Day maintains a strong focus on evangelism. The conference aims to inspire attendees and shed light on innovative technology practices that can be harnessed to spread the gospel. 

By exploring the practical, pastoral, theological, and societal dimensions, Digital Day serves as a catalyst for envisioning a future where mission and technology work hand in hand to reach the unreached and make a lasting impact worldwide.

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Livestream captioning will be available in English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Dutch, Korean and Indonesian. 


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