How To Effectively Renew Minds And Transform Lives

At CV, we look for opportunities to support church and ministry leaders with free resources that equip them to innovatively grow their missions.

Part of expanding the Church in modern society includes using cutting-edge technology and platforms, as well as understanding the mindset of those we are trying to reach. 

This free CV training course, ‘How to Effectively Renew Minds and Transform Lives’, is led by Dr Robi Sonderegger. Dr Robi is an internationally recognised clinical psychologist, with educational curriculums used in 25 nations around the world. 

His teachings in this course cover solution-focused strategies, motivation and mobilisation of people, and the ‘from victim to Kingdom’ mindset

These topics will teach leaders the most effective formula for helping people establish goals, and how motivational interviewing techniques will help transition people for change. The course also touches on the neuroscientific underpinnings of human thought, will, and emotion. This training will provide leaders with new ways to help people in their world of mission to renew their thinking in line with modern contexts. 

‘How to Effectively Renew Minds and Transform Lives’ consists of three modules. The first is focused on how to set people up for success. The second shows how to effectively activate change, and the third encompasses using tools and technology to create transformation. 

The free training outlines how to initiate reach in new contexts, understand the human psyche, and combine these through practical applications using innovative technologies. 

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