God Protects Bullied Family: Impact Myanmar

Prabodh* is one of the Rohingya people regarded as an illegal immigrant by the Myanmar government. Because of racial and religious discrimination, many of his family members have fled to Bangladesh. He secretly kept a Bangladeshi phone to stay in touch with them.

A CV carer visited the village Prabodh lived in every week and shared the Gospel with the locals. Through this carer, Prabodh learned about prayer and that he could always pray to God and would be heard by Him.

One day, four Myanmar policemen came to his house and searched everything. Prabodh was scared they could find the phone, knowing that he would be jailed for at least three years if the police would see his contact history.

Desperate, the man asked God to help him. He did not stop praying while the policemen searched his house and God kept him and his family safe. The police found nothing suspicious in the house.

Please pray that the peace and reconciliation only Christ can give will reign among Rohingya and Rakhine people so that people like Prabodh and his family will no longer have to be afraid.


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