God Over Witch Doctors: Impact East Timor

Even though our Impact a Nation project in East Timor has ended, our legacy lives on through our East Timorese successors.

A 15-year-old girl was freed from the oppression of an evil spirit through prayer. Her parents, though not Christians, didn’t stop her from going to church until this month when the girl was forced to participate a religious ritual mixing animism and catholicism. The evil spirit came back and took control of the girl during the ceremony, causing a great uproar.

The parents sought two witch doctors for help, but they could only provide temporary relief until the same spirit manifested again in the girl. Finally, the family called Jose, the local pastor in Dili church whose initial prayer was the one that had freed the girl from the spirit. Pastor Jose once again drove the evil spirit out, this time in front of a crowd of people as bystanders got curious with the ordeal and gathered.

The girl was well, and the parents were happy. Immediately the girl’s parents also gave their lives to Christ right then and there. As of now, the girl and her mother regularly attend church, grateful to God for having overcome such a horrible event.

Please pray for this family and their home as they grow in their faith, and that others may come to Christ as a result of their story.


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