God Heals Years of Alcohol Addiction: Impact Eastern Ukraine

Alcohol addiction is when the first thought that comes to mind in the morning is, “Where can I get more ‘fuel’?” When one day is hardly different from the next and it’s even hard to tell whether it’s night or day at all. When you look much older than you are and hope to find life’s meaning on the bottom of the next bottle, the alcohol controls your life.

This was the daily reality for Dasha* and her husband. Their alcohol addiction resulted in daily binge drinking episodes. Unfortunately, Dasha’s husband could not cope with the health consequences of their lifestyle and he died, while Dasha herself suffered from a stroke. After her husband’s death, Dasha felt trapped in her sadness and destructive behaviour. It seemed like there was no way out.

One day Dasha was invited to attend the morning prayer service of her nearby church, run by NPI pioneers. To her surprise, she found herself agreeing to the invite and came, although her body was deplorable, her movements and coordination were disturbed and her speech was muffled.

At the church service, Dasha heard a sermon that touched her heart. She was deeply impacted by the Word of God and her life began to change soon after that day.

She is now completely free from her alcohol addiction, her coordination and speech gradually improved and got restored fully. Dasha was baptised recently and finally found her long-awaited joy and happiness in something real: Jesus.

Today she regularly attends her church and prays for the salvation of her son, who is also struggling with an alcohol addiction.

We are convinced that miracles still happen today because the salvation of a lost soul like Dasha really is a miracle.

Please pray for this family that they can leave their past behind together and follow Jesus.


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