God Builds His Church in a War Zone: Impact Eastern Ukraine

My name is Oleksy*. I live in the Donetsk region of Eastern Ukraine. When the war in Ukraine began I was very upset and afraid it would reach my town, but then I realized that it could also bring opportunity for some changes in my town, as well as in the whole country. I have always taken an active position in my community, especially in the last four years. Soon I will become head of the local youth organisation.

When NPI pioneers Boris and Igor came to my town a year ago, I didn’t know their purpose. I saw that they cared about the town because they organised events for local children, elderly and handicapped people. That is why I decided to start attending the church services they offered.

I read the Gospel of John and God touched my heart with His Word. I have never thought of God in this way before. Now, not only do I want to change things for the better in my little town, but I believe it is what Jesus wants too. Together with two other men of God, we are thinking and praying about ways to deliver the Gospel to the younger generations of our town.


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