Global Outreach Month

Join the Movement: Evangelise with The Chosen During Global Outreach Month.

This month will see millions of active believers around the world pray, care, and share as part of Global Outreach Month (GO Month). 

What is Global Outreach Month?

GO Month is an initiative of one of CV’s global partners, GO Movement, which is a united and collaborative effort between multiple denominations and ministries, that aim to mobilise and equip Christians to witness to the world. 

Thanks to CV’s great partnerships team, CV Resources has joined with GO Movement, as well as the makers of the renowned television series ‘The Chosen’ to help see this aim achieved.

The Chosen: A Tool for Evangelism.

Dallas Jenkins, creator and director of The Chosen, spoke about how the show can be a pivotal tool for Christians around the world as they share the gospel during this month. 

“You can join 120 million people around the world in sharing your faith every day in the month of May,” Jenkins said.“One way to do that is to share videos from The Chosen.” 

He also said he hopes the show encourages people to know and love Jesus more, and that this would lead to discipleship.

“That is where Christian Vision comes in, and GO Month comes in, and evangelism comes in – and hopefully clips from The Chosen come in – and you can use those each day.” 

Why join the Global Outreach Month?

Global Outreach Month is significant because it provides an opportunity for millions of believers around the world to come together, at the same time, to engage in evangelism efforts, with the help of powerful tools like videos from The Chosen, to make a meaningful impact on spreading the gospel message to those who need it.

By partnering with GO Movement and The Chosen, CV is able to provide powerful resources for Christians to use in their evangelism efforts. This partnership allows CV to further its mission of introducing people to Jesus, mobilising Christians to evangelise, and resourcing the Church with free content and knowledge. It also allows CV to support GO Movement’s vision of mobilising tens of millions of believers to share the gospel until everyone has had the opportunity to hear it and decide for Christ.

Do you want to join in on this movement? Go to CV Resources where you can access ‘The Chosen Content Calendar’, a social media content calendar with 31 clips from The Chosen, available for free download. You will also find training, other gospel presentations, and videos that you can use freely.  

Hear from Dallas Jenkins in the video below: 


CV Resources has a library full of other gospel videos that are free to download and share at any time. To have access to these free resources, you can sign up to CV Resources through this link


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