From Feeling Horrible to Feeling Loved: Armenia

Ankine* wrote to us after watching one of our yesHEis videos. She said:

“For two years now I ‘ve had this horrible condition. I can’t breathe whenever I ‘m around people. I feel horrible. I always want to escape. I believe in God and even saw Jesus in my dream but I don’t know how to pray. Whenever I try, I feel horrible.”

Ani, one of our volunteers, responded to her and told her about life with Jesus. Ani told her about the hope that comes with living with Christ and that He is open for anyone and everyone. Two months later, Ankine wrote back saying:

“These last two months have been amazing. I ‘ve been great and at peace, thank God. I ‘ve been listening to your sermons and videos and I now know that Jesus is alive! I ‘ve had amazing things happen to me. That said, I ‘ve never been able to go to the church even though I want to. Please pray for me.”

Our team prayed for her and she wrote back saying:

“I went to church! I did it! I ‘m so happy I did. Praise God! Thank you so much to you and the whole team over at yesHEis.”

Please pray for Ankine to really grow in her faith and her community at the church she is attending. Let her testimony be a light to others with depression and dark thoughts.


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