From Fear to Faith

CVCLAVOZ, a radio station that broadcasts across Latin America, recently received a powerful testimony from a man named Pedro* who lives in Ecuador. 

Pedro had been involved in a terrible accident while driving a bus for work. A man on a motorbike crashed into the front of the bus, and was injured. The injured man was a member of a local gang, leaving Pedro filled with anxiety and fear.

Despite taking the injured gang member to the health care centre as soon as the accident happened and the gang member being not severely injured, Pedro was scared that the rest of the gang would retaliate, and something awful would happen to him. His fear left him unable to go back to work for more than two weeks.

One day, while listening to one of CVCLAVOZ’s recorded radio shows at 4.52am, Pedro heard a message that filled him with a strong sense of protection and comfort. He was able to go back to work, feeling a renewed sense of courage and hope. Pedro attributed this to God answering his prayers through the radio’s recorded message.

Pedro has been a faithful listener of CVCLAVOZ for more than two decades, and he intends to continue listening to the station in the future. He believes that the radio station has drawn him closer to God, providing him with the support and encouragement he needs during difficult times.

Pedro’s testimony is a powerful reminder of the impact that CVCLAVOZ can have on people’s lives. Through its broadcasts, the station is spreading the message of the gospel to those who need it most. Its message of hope and encouragement has the power to transform lives, providing listeners with the strength they need to face many of life’s challenges. 

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