Freedom From Thoughts of Death: Latin America

Daniel* is 20 years old and a listener to CVCLAVOZ’s ‘Energia Total ‘ radio program.

He has been through some really tough times, with a breakup with his girlfriend and the recent death of his sister all happening at a similar time. Daniel was sick of it all and wanted to commit suicide. He felt that God had completely forgotten about him. He even changed his profile photo to say ‘Goodbye everyone ‘.

However, Daniel chose to reach out to us via WhatsApp, saying that he wanted to end it all. We messaged him back and gave our condolences for his recent loss. He opened up, telling us that he was born and raised a Christian but has strayed from God for the last two years. We asked Daniel to reconcile with Christ through prayer and he did. We told him to seek help as well and prayed together to rid him of his suicidal thoughts. The whole time, he was genuinely touched and simply followed instructions.

A few hours passed and he wrote back saying: “I thank you for letting me see that I have hope in Christ and that God will always be with me, giving me strength to continue ahead.”

Daniel also changed his Facebook profile picture to say: “God is the one who sustains me at all times and the one who gives me strength.”

Praise God!

Please pray for Daniel to continue to grow in his faith and to be a testimony to those who suffer from suicidal tendencies. Please pray for God to continue to provide us with wisdom in handling these sorts of situations moving forward.


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