Forgiveness Heals Young Man’s Heart: North America

After Jacob* and his wife had split up, she started dating a violent man. Jacob was worried about the health and safety of his two daughters when they were around his ex-wife’s new boyfriend. In the middle of the night, he began to search for advice online and found the ‘Forgiveness’ video on a CV Outreach partner page.

Jacob was deeply touched by the video. He felt that he had to rid his heart of the hostility that had grown in him and replace it with forgiveness. Because he didn’t know how to make this change on his own, he reached out to us by email.

His email was passed on to Hope Community Church in Reno, Nevada, where a local volunteer was able to meet Jacob for coffee. The volunteer was able to share about the forgiveness we receive from God through Jesus and invited Jacob to come to church the following Sunday.

Jacob’s heart started to change, as he continued to get more involved in his church and developed a relationship with God. Although his life situation hasn’t changed, he is much calmer now because he feels that God is leading him and trusts in His faithfulness. He has also started to bring his daughters to church.

Please pray that all of them will come to know God as Lord and Saviour and that there will be no tension between the two households.


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