Finding Unconditional Love After Abuse

Maya*, a single mother of five children, suffered through seven years of horrific domestic abuse from two different husbands. After both marriages ended in divorce, she was left feeling disappointed and despondent.

But then Maya found something on the internet that gave her a glimmer of hope – an article about how the Bible does not promote physical abuse. This was the beginning of her journey to discovering a new kind of love – one that is based on loyalty, care, and mutual respect. She became interested in Christianity and wanted to learn more about following Christ.

Through seeing online CV content, she contacted a Somali pioneer from the National Pioneers Initiative (NPI) and began to learn more about the Christian faith. She is now in regular contact with the pioneer and growing in her relationship with the Lord.

Please pray for Maya’s journey of faith. Pray for the pioneer to continue in boldness and wisdom, and for God to bless the evangelising efforts in Somalia.

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