Fighting Demons

Many people struggle – metaphorically and literally – with their own demons. This graphic video was created specifically for those struggling with idol worship, witchcraft and ancestor worship, and tells the story of the true power of Jesus to cast out demons and release people from bondage. 

Falling under the horror genre, this short film produced by the Indonesian team and localised into several languages is totally different from the usual CV resource. 

Many people enjoy the adrenaline rush and excitement of watching horror films. This one demonstrates that Jesus’ power is so magnificent that it surpasses anything we could possibly imagine.

If you know of people in your ministry or congregation who need a visual demonstration of God’s true power, or reassurance that Jesus is almighty above all creation, this video is for them.

Click here to watch, download and share with your congregation. 

This video has also been uploaded in different languages on YouTube, which you can view at the following links: 

Cambodia (Khmer)





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