Father and Daughter come to Christ

One of CV’s Chatbots drastically changed the life of Mr Budi*, a devoted Muslim man living in Jawa Barat, Indonesia. 

Mr Budi responded to one of CV’s facebook ads which contained a video introducing people to Jesus. Interested and wanting to learn more, he chose to ask the Chatbot about the topic of forgiveness. 

After learning biblical principles on forgiveness, Mr Budi wanted to be connected with one of CV’s pioneers, so that he could hear more about the gospel and how learning the good news would help him in his forgiveness journey. 

The CV pioneer spoke with Mr Budi, who opened up to the pioneer about many challenges he was facing with his family. His wife had left him, and his young daughter had become pregnant outside of wed-lock. He was also facing economic challenges, which was another burden on top of everything else. 

Our pioneer visited him in his home, where his pregnant daughter was also present in the room, and shared stories from the bible. 

Both Mr Budi and his daughter were deeply touched and amazed by the gospel stories, and understood the power and love in God’s word. Both of them asked the pioneer to pray with them, so they could submit themselves to Jesus. 

Because of this Chatbot and the faithful, diligent pioneer, both of these people are now saved with their lives tangibly changed.


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