Evangelism in the Digital Space

Jaimee Coetzee, CV Community Manager, and Hana Alemayehu, CV Country Representative, recently represented CV at the Africa Arise Conference hosted by Beza International Ministries. 

The conference was held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and provided an inspiring platform for CV to share its digital evangelism expertise with ministries across the continent.

Africa Arise is an annual gathering of Christians and ministry leaders from all over the world who come together to intercede on behalf of the African continent. This year’s event provided an opportunity for Jaimee and Hana to share CV’s vision and the power of digital evangelism.

Jaimee Coetzee highlighted the potential pitfalls of social media, citing it as a source of distraction that can lead people astray from what God wants for them. She emphasised the importance of the Church occupying and doing business in the digital space so that people are reminded of Christ wherever they are in the digital world. According to Jaimee, this is crucial so that God can use social media for the good of his kingdom.

The CV representatives received incredible feedback during the conference, and doors were opened for potential partnerships, and collaborations, with various African ministries.

The Africa Arise conference provided a unique opportunity for CV to share insights into the power of digital evangelism and the role of the Church in the digital space.


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