Empowering Christian Communicators

The National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) International Christian Media Convention is known as the world’s largest gathering of Christian communicators and ministry professionals. This event has been held since 1949 when the NRB formed a radio network that reversed a ban on paid religious broadcasting. 

After this, evangelical radio broadcasters became a growing presence on radio networks, reaching vast audiences. This is the largest nationally and internationally recognised event, and is dedicated to assisting those in the field of Christian communication. Many Christian organisations participated in this event and made it an active marketplace for those seeking products, resources, and services to enhance their organisations. 

This year, the event took place in Orlando, Florida, and it’s the third year that they have presented an event in Spanish for the Latino community. 

Given this, CVCLAVOZ, an initiative of CV, was there with their ‘CVCLAVOZ Academy’. They provided workshops and insights into the strategies they use – including podcast creation, how to make content from scratch, and how to develop a transmedia or multi-platform marketing strategy. These resources and strategies were offered to others who attended. 

The vast majority of attendees wanted to know more about the work of CVCLAVOZ and were eager for future workshops and training. 

We praise God for this incredible outcome and continue to pray that these workshops will bless ministries and churches in need. To know more about CVCLAVOZ and the CVCLAVOZ Academy, visit this link: https://cvclavoz.com/


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