Designed for Impact

CV is renowned for resourcing the Church with free and innovative digital evangelism tools designed to share the gospel. 

In the United States, Intercessor Church published an article titled ‘Digital Evangelism: Reach the Lost, which uncovers how digital evangelism is rapidly becoming the most effective method of sharing the gospel. 

To make doing this as easy as possible, CV has created many forms of digital evangelism content that are convenient, simple to use, and designed for impact. An example of this is the encouraging testimony of Tiffany* from Durban, South Africa.

Tiffany, a devoted ministry worker, discovered an animated gospel video CV had created about forgiveness (click here to watch). She reached out to the CV team to inquire if she could use it in one of her church’s services. The team responded, directing her to CV Resources where she could freely download the video in various formats, as well as find many other evangelistic videos.

She then shared it with her diverse, multilingual church congregation, and many people were impacted. 

CV’s commitment extends beyond providing free content. We also offer comprehensive digital training that helps church leaders deeply engage with their communities. 

This support includes online and in-person training to equip our ministry partners with the tools they need to expand their online evangelism efforts.


For those interested in learning more about our resources, please visit CV Resources and CV Training.


Our content can support your church or organisation with more effective evangelism and discipleship strategies.