Conquering Darkness and Uncovering Truth : China

relief from suffering

We recently received a heartbreaking message from Alison*, who was in a very dark place. She wrote: “I hate myself. I always do the wrong thing but I can’t help it. I have no control! I always tell lies, like when others ask for my help, I often make up a reason for why I can’t help them. I also hate my body. I desperately want to lose weight but I can never be bothered to work at it. I am too heavy now. You ‘ll probably be disgusted with me too after you read these words.”

We knew that Alison needed to hear Jesus ‘ message of love and acceptance, and to find relief from suffering. We shared the Gospel with her and explained that Jesus loved her regardless of her appearance or her bad habits. Alison became a Christian and was baptised at her local church, but later wrote to us again, asking why some of her bad habits remained unchanged.

We explained that all believers have an old life that beckons them to turn back and live according to the flesh, resulting in sinful desires and unrighteous decisions. After sharing again about what accepting Jesus really meant, Alison finally understood that she could now choose to live by the Spirit, not by her flesh.

Alison repented before God and is now growing in Christ through watching Gospel videos and reading our yesHEis articles.

Please pray that Alison’s faith would be strengthened, and also for our campus ministry in China.


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