Connecting the Unbeliever : North America

This past month was exciting for our North America team as we grew to over 300 church partnerships across our CV Outreach and Social Partners programs. While these numbers are exciting, what has been really encouraging is seeing the questions that people have been able to ask pastors through the Gospel landing pages and to hear how meaningful these programs are to their church’s outreach strategies.

Here’s one story of a parent who sought help from one of our partner churches on how they could better raise their daughter in a Christian environment:

“My daughter is six years old and is interested in learning about God, I’m not sure where to begin. Do I get a child’s bible first? She is interested in Sunday school possibly as well but I am currently unfamiliar with the area we live in so I’m unsure how to even begin that process. I am a believer but I have not practiced going to church in about eight years, I just want to start my daughter off on the right path. Thank you for your insight”

Here is part of a long email that one of our church partners sent to us this month:

“CV do so many things extremely well. I thank God for ya. Your team is outstanding. I am a one man show with a few helpers planting a new church…

“They encourage me and inspire me. Your team helps me fill in so many key spaces….that I need now but could not afford. Expertise….insight…skill sets..and more. Thanks to all of them…..really….thanks. Sometimes it is just awesome to work alongside other people that love Jesus as much as I do. I ‘m learning so much from you all.”

We also ran Easter campaigns for 20 churches across North America. We tested a variety of ad objectives and placements with the goal of not only presenting the gospel in video form but actually tracking ad engagement to see how many new, unchurched people would end up going to church for the first time. With the coordination of these 20 churches and by matching the data from their church visitor connect cards we were able to quantify that over 50 people attended one of these churches for Easter for the first time. We were also able to see which ad objectives and placements led to offline conversion that resulted in a person visiting church. Our goal is to release the results of this campaign to our church partners and to provide an in- depth overview of how churches can use offline events to track more robust conversions in their ad campaigns.


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