Church is for Everyone: Australia

Geethan* is an IT uni student new to Australia from Sri Lanka. He had already read the New Testament and was keen to know more about Jesus and the Church. He reached out through the ‘Why God ‘ Facebook page and asked if he would be allowed into a church if he wasn’t Christian.

I told him that, not only could he go to a church, but I would help him find one that was close enough for him to attend regularly. I found a church and they reached out to him, further explaining more about the community ministries they run – some of which he may benefit from.

I am continuing to speak about Jesus and am praying that in time he will come to understand Jesus’ full love for him.

Please pray for Geethan and people like him who are looking for a warm welcome from a church community. Ask God to help Christian people to see those who are needing their love in their communities.


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