The story of Christmas has captivated people for centuries. It tells of the birth of Jesus and has quite a few main people and groups involved.

1. Mary and Joseph
2. The innkeeper
3. The wise men
4. The shepherds
5. King Herod

All of these characters represent the different attitudes that people have toward Jesus today.

1. Mary and Joseph: loved Jesus – as Christians love him today.
2. The innkeeper: was indifferent and only thinking about his business.
3. The wise men: understood that the birth of Jesus was an important event that would change history. They travelled a great distance to find the baby, because they wanted to see him, and be involved in some way.
4. The shepherds: just happened to be there and were fascinated by the spectacle.
5. King Herod: hated him and wanted to kill him.

Heaven is reserved only for those who love him and seek him.


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