Christmas Campaign 2023

CV’s latest successful endeavour, the CV Resources Christmas campaign, has officially launched. This global initiative aims to spread the gospel through sharing the true meaning of Christmas worldwide. 

With 48 website pages, resources in 11 languages, more than 100 downloadable videos, and a wide variety of social media assets, we’re equipped to introduce a diverse audience to Jesus, and largely resource the Church this Christmas.

Christmas is a season when people come together to celebrate, connect, and spread love through gift giving. It is also an ideal opportunity for Christians to highlight the true meaning of the season, by explaining God’s love in his gift to us, his one and only son — Jesus. 

Our campaign serves as a reminder of the often forgotten truth that lies at the heart of Christmas. Through this extensive range of resources, we hope to invite people to reflect and embrace the real essence of this season — our saviour and his sacrifice.

The CV Resources Christmas campaign will run until the end of 2023, allowing churches and Christian leaders to get the most out of the available resources.

To learn more about this campaign and access the free digital assets, visit the dedicated website for your country and its native language. 

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