A Somali Man’s Dreams

One of CV’s dedicated pioneer’s interacted with a Somali man, named Hassan*, on a mobile app that initiated an extraordinary journey of faith. 

Conversations about everyday topics quickly led to deeper spiritual matters, with Hassan showing an interest in studying the bible. This opened up a unique opportunity for the pioneer to introduce him to the gospel.

During one of their study sessions, Hassan shared a fascinating experience. He had been having recurring dreams in which he heard a voice say, “You’re my child, not my slave. Hear and obey my word.” 

This wasn’t just any dream. It felt like divine affirmation, echoing the lessons they had been studying. The words ‘You’re my child’ held profound meaning, and the pioneer explained to Hassan what it meant to have a relationship with Jesus. 

In God’s eyes, we are his treasured children, created in his image, and his word is a guiding light, leading us to a life of salvation, love, compassion, and purpose.

Motivated by his dreams and their conversations, Hassan decided to follow Jesus. As the next step, Hassan was introduced to a community bible study on Telegram, allowing him to delve deeper and connect with others on this faith journey.

This same pioneer also had the incredible opportunity to lead three people to Jesus through an online app earlier this year. These testimonies, along with Hassan’s experience, show us the boundless ways in which God works in our lives. Whether through dreams, conversations, or even through an app, he finds ways to reach out and touch our souls.


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