A Long Search Leads to Christ: France

Enzo* lives in Paris, France and was raised by parents who had different religions. They both taught Enzo that there is only one true God. Enzo knew this was true but was also confused given his parents ‘ religious differences. As such, Enzo thought he ‘d mix the two together and get the best of both worlds.

He grew more and more curious and searched for online content about God, eventually stumbling upon a yesHEis YouTube ad which lead him to download the yesHEis app. After watching a few videos, Enzo found out that he could ask questions in the app as well. So he started asking questions.

This was in September 2017.

Our team rigorously responded to every question for months. The conversations eventually continued from the app to text messages. However, eventually, Enzo stopped messaging.

We heard nothing for months, until July 2018.

Suddenly, we received a text from Enzo. He had reached out to thank the yesHEis team for the support with his journey in finding out more about the Christian faith. He gave the news that he had accepted Christ as his Lord and Saviour and couldn’t be happier!

Please thank God for Enzo and his journey and pray for more and more people to grow curious for Christ.


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