In a CV EUROPE Valentine’s day video, several couples, aged between 20 and 70-years-old,  share their thoughts on falling and staying in love with us. They talk about major barriers they encountered and how they have overcome them. Jesus plays a special roll in all of their relationships. Watch the video here.

We recently had the privilege of taking part in a men’s conference, EXCEL, hosted by Life Church. We saw at the conference how media can be effectively used to reach people for Christ and bring healing and faith. During the conference, our new yesHEis video, In Rough Waters, was featured. The video is a moving […]

Camille* is a shy girl who never thought that she could tell people about Jesus. Recently, she took a test to help find out her spiritual gifts, and she learnt that the gift of evangelism is at the top of her list! She couldn’t believe it. Thankfully, Camille read one of the articles from CV […]

With almost ten million abortions across Africa every year, many of those within a context of poverty and crushing social need, the team at CV Africa chose to address this weighty topic with a video about a young Capetonian woman who found hope in Jesus despite a dark chapter in her past. Melissa Hertz fell […]

When Christian Vision started the Voz Christiana Project, the goal was to proclaim the message of salvation through Jesus using the radio, because it could overcome distance barriers. Since 1998, when Voz Cristiana was officially inaugurated, each of our achievements came hand in hand with new challenges we had to face. Many feared that the […]