CV has recently partnered with some church leaders in South Asia on an incredible project that has a vision to plant churches on every street in all of the region’s villages. Local pastors take surveys and then ‘adopt’ the villages that they will focus on to plant churches, house churches, or prayer fellowships. This digitised […]

CV works to see impact by introducing people to Jesus in predominantly unreached areas. We do this through many campaigns, projects and activities around the world.    The Water Festival 2022 Report is about one of the campaigns that was out-worked to see impact in this area. In this report, we see how a team […]

One of our CV Pioneers shared the incredible story of an athlete who came to know Jesus – through a game of soccer. The pioneer, known as Jackie, was using a soccer activity plan as a tool for sharing the gospel. He said there was one young athlete who he had the opportunity to share […]

This encouraging story comes from Thailand and is a reminder to us all to be patient and to trust in God’s ultimate timing and wisdom. Back in December 2021, a man from Thailand was connected with a church, but he never came along to any church services. Every week he would have a reason as […]

For the first time in more than two years, our CV managers have been able to meet face-to-face to share updates, issues and ideas, as well as to unite in prayer and worship. As a global organisation, CV has teams around the world working hard to deliver our three key impact objectives. Before COVID-19 managers […]

God’s divine timing has never been so obvious than in this incredible testimony of a man who came to know Jesus just weeks before he passed away from a sudden heart attack. Sumathipala, aged 62, connected with CV through Facebook and asked our Community Specialist to help him to find employment. The specialist knew of […]

Many people struggle – metaphorically and literally – with their own demons. This graphic video was created specifically for those struggling with idol worship, witchcraft and ancestor worship, and tells the story of the true power of Jesus to cast out demons and release people from bondage.  Falling under the horror genre, this short film […]

Our Philippines team held a reunion recently to celebrate its fifth anniversary. The team is incredibly thankful to God for the privilege of being able to do his work in the Philippines and for the opportunity to build his kingdom through CV. They ask that the entire church community keep them in their prayers as […]

Indra* is a well-educated woman and is in a position of responsibility in her career. She grew up with strong Buddhist beliefs, and was very committed to her religion, including giving financially. Even so, she felt an emptiness and was unhappy as her life dragged on without any fulfillment.  She somehow came into possession of […]