Late last year, CV Resources launched a Partners’ Page with three content partners: Uncover (UCCF: The Christian Unions), Moving Works and Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM). We love and appreciate the creativity, talent and generosity of the many churches, organisations and filmmakers who share our heart to equip the Church with quality God-centred content, for […]

When our Myanmar national pioneers first met Zin, he was homeless, jobless and living on the streets. One of the pioneers, Tin, spent time getting to know Zin and his story. Tin was amazed to discover that Zin spoke five languages (Burmese, English, Hindi, Thai and Chinese) and that he had spent 13 years in […]

By their very nature, projects are meant to start and finish. Our CV Impact a Nation projects and National Pioneers Initiatives (NPI) are no exception, designed to produce spiritual transformation at times and in areas of particular opportunity. Often these times of special opportunity are not immediately obvious, because of the crises or conflicts associated […]

My name is Hasan and I love Jesus. From a young age, I was a devout Muslim. I studied at an Islamic school for seven years and then for three more years at an Islamic college. I have done the pilgrimage to Mecca and was an Islamic teacher for over a decade. Through all of […]

Recently, we shared the news of an exciting partnership between a number of local church denominations: Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Indonesia and our Impact Papua National Pioneers Initiative (NPI) in eastern Indonesia. These church partners are now ready and committed to support pioneers of their own, overseen by a volunteer YWAM pioneer coordinator.  Delly, […]

Through the National Pioneers Initiative (NPI), we have felt a strong calling to impact Myanmar’s Burmese people, one of the largest unreached Buddhist people groups in the world, for Christ. We were therefore overjoyed to learn of the Alliance for Burmese Calling (ABC), whose core objective is to share the gospel with the Burmese people.  […]

Satria, one of our national pioneers, was raised in a fanatical Muslim family. Whilst studying at college, Satria was introduced to Jesus and became a believer and follower. Satria soon felt called to share his faith and his testimony with his family and friends. When he returned home to share, he discovered that his family […]

Indigitous is a global community which aims to advance God’s Kingdom in the digital space. Their annual #HACK event is a collaboration between technologists, designers, students and ministry leaders to harness the power of faith-driven technologists who are looking for opportunities to serve others through technology. For the past three years, Indigitous and Campus Crusade […]

Kartika, a Christian widow from Indonesia felt called some years ago to relocate to an impoverished, Muslim community. She moved her adopted children and her few belongings and established a ministry. Using the money that her late husband had left her, Kartika began by feeding the poor and hungry. She shared food, hope and the […]