Published by the yesHEis Philippines Team, this article examines trends in love and relationships. In it we are reminded that “when we really seek love and relationships, we seek it only in and through Him. When we focus our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith (Hebrews 12:2), He gives a partner, […]

The National Pioneers Initiative (NPI) continues to grow and evolve wth digital technology allowing us, and our partners, to engage with and reach growing numbers of people. Impacted by our NPI partnership is a former Islamist terrorist who uses mobile digital tools to share the message of Jesus with his network of more than 3000 […]

CV China has been significantly impacted by the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) with team members working from home now for several weeks. However, this has not slowed them down!! Immediately following the outbreak, the team adjusted their WeChat posting strategy to include content that is encouraging and comforting, and meets the needs of their […]

The multiple attacks taking place every week in northern Rakhine State has left its citizens traumatised and living in fear. Many of them are fleeing their houses, farms and cattle, and relocating to camps and cities for safety. Hundreds of thousands of villagers seek daily access to food and drink in the midst of all […]

Ibu Maria is a devoted Christian widow who shares the message of Jesus with Muslims in Southeast Asia. She tirelessly feeds, sews and prays for thousands of people in need everyday. ‘I hate sewing’ Maria says, ‘but because of love I sew, to win them to Christ. Love is hard! I sell anything I have […]

In this video testimony from the Philippines, Jonah Kristina shares about how she uses the yesHEis app to spread the message of Jesus with her friends. Jonah’s story is a powerful reminder about the importance of sharing the gospel and how apps like yesHEis make this easier.  Feeling anxious or unsure about sharing the message […]

The Australian yesHEis team recently published a thought-provoking article on the Medium website that encourages us to look at our relationship with God.  As the article states: ‘We need the Holy Spirit as we share Jesus like we need air in our lungs to make our words have any volume. Have you forgotten this? Are […]

On January 23rd we held our first NPI Vision Casting and Consultation meeting in Bangalore, India.  It was a privilege to gather 12 key national leaders from different denominations and mission organisations.  Attendees shared insightful perspectives, ideas and stories and it was very apparent that we are united in our mission to further impact India […]

My name is Abdullah and I was previously a muslim and a mosque leader. Thanks to an encounter with a CV National Pioneer, I have now accepted Jesus Christ as my saviour. Converting from Islam to Christianity has been challenging and dangerous. Let me share with you my experience. Earlier this year, a National Pioneer […]