Mr Binh* is much loved by the people of his island, especially children. He is being monitored by local Muslim authorities because of his evangelism activities. Recently these authorities captured him and confiscated his phone so they could check his contacts and messages. Praise the Lord, he has been released, however, they are trying to […]

A yesHEis App user in Australia had not been active in the App for some time. This period of inactivity triggered an automated in-App notification, in line with our new yesHEis notification strategy. The notification reminded the App user about yesHEis, and empowered them to share their faith with a friend. As a result, they […]

Sanchit* is desperate for God’s intervention. He has suffered a severe loss in his entrepreneurial business. To add to his concern, his two-year-old son is unable to speak or stand. He was devastated and planned to run away from his home and family. Sanchit contacted us through Nayi Manzil, one of the India team’s digital […]

Akar* and his wife Marlar* were farmers. Akar suffered from terrible knee pain for a long time. He was unable to work because he could hardly walk. One day one of our local Pioneers came to visit the farmer couple. The Pioneer shared the Gospel with both of them. She told them about how powerful […]

The CV Latin America team recently participated in the event El Futuro Es (The Future Is), a three-day conference all about youth leadership and equipping young people for a future in ministry, which has been running for 11 years. The event took place in Bogota, Colombia and brought together more than 5,000 leaders representing 21 […]

As part of the East Timor NPI that seeks to build indigenous, self-sustaining churches, we established a children’s school. The school is an opportunity for the church to connect with and impact the community, and it has been endorsed by the East Timorese government as being a model for best practice in early childhood education. […]

YesHEis Indonesia has been invited by The Minister of Communications and Information to work together, with the Indonesian government, to equip the Christian church for online ministry.

God is able to powerfully redeem lives that have been broken, and bring relief from suffering. Reyna* was jailed in Singapore because of her own doing, and she really experienced a lot of suffering. She found out about Jesus from a pastor who came to the prison to share the Gospel. That encounter led her […]

Jonathan* was trapped in a dark and lonely place. He was addicted to drugs and sex, and felt depressed and suicidal. In the midst of his pain, Jonathan reached out to CV through the Jesus Bot on Facebook. Here, he asked to know more about Jesus, and what Jesus could do for him. Over a […]