According to Joshua Project, in Thailand, 88 per cent of people identify as Buddhist, with only 1 per cent of the population practising Christianity. This largely unreached country holds steep religious traditions and although it’s not illegal to be a Christian, it’s seen as rejecting the ‘nationhood’ not to follow Buddhist customs. However, one of […]

yesHEis, an initiative of CV, received an impactful testimony from a teenage boy who had a fierce desire to share the gospel message with those who needed to hear it the most. On his 16th birthday, the young man from the Asia region chose to visit a prison, so he could start conversations of faith […]

Accompanied by six others, one of CV’s newest pioneers in Vietnam visited a Hani man who had undergone rehabilitation through a Christian centre in Vietnam. The pioneers aimed to share the gospel with the Hani people who lived in this man’s village. The journey to the village, which was nestled in the mountains, was perilous, […]

In January, one of the most influential ministries in South East Asia, the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), held its annual Dedication Day with this year’s theme – Conquer the Land.  CBN Chairman for South East Asia and Korea, Mark McClendon, personally invited a CV representative to speak on the topic of AI and The Great […]

As Christians, we understand the true meaning of Christmas. However, many people from other countries and cultural backgrounds don’t know that Christmas is so much more than simply a Western tradition. In December last year, our CV pioneers in Southeast Asia took the Christmas message and the love of Jesus to many unreached people across […]

Meet Savai*, a vibrant 25-year-old working at a design company in Cambodia. One of CV’s pioneers from the Asia Pacific region visited her workplace to print a poster, and during the conversation, they excitedly told her about the free English classes that are held at their local church. Eager to learn, Savai joined one of […]

In its mission to introduce people to Jesus, CV has announced the launch of its National Pioneers Initiative (NPI) in Vietnam. The NPI is an initiative of CV that equips and supports local evangelists who are passionate about reaching their people with the gospel. The NPI provides training, mentoring, and resources to help pioneers plant […]

In an initiative to introduce Jesus to non-believers through the use of the media, CV Indonesia took part in the Media Gathering Partnership (MGP) meeting recently. The event, organised by one of CV’s partners, aimed to unite various media ministries throughout the country so that they could learn from each other and look for more […]

In Peradeniya, Sri Lanka, one of CV’s pioneers has experienced a remarkable transformation within his ministry, thanks to a strategic embrace of Facebook ads.  Pioneer Rajapaksa’s* journey began in 2014 with the earnest goal of nurturing and expanding his church. However, this took an unexpected turn two years ago during a CV National Pioneers Initiative […]