Water Festival 2022 Report

CV works to see impact by introducing people to Jesus in predominantly unreached areas. We do this through many campaigns, projects and activities around the world.    The Water Festival 2022 Report is about one of the campaigns that was out-worked to see impact in this area. In this report, we see how a team […]


One of our CV Pioneers shared the incredible story of an athlete who came to know Jesus – through a game of soccer. The pioneer, known as Jackie, was using a soccer activity plan as a tool for sharing the gospel. He said there was one young athlete who he had the opportunity to share […]

You Can Find Peace

Can you think of anyone that is fatigued, burnt out, or exhausted? Many people go through some really tough situations, and they just don’t know how to cope. Jesus does not guarantee that our lives will be easy – but he does promise we never have to bear our burdens alone. This Portuguese language video […]


CV had an office in Ukraine with 35 staff before the war. Some of these employees are still able to meet in that office in Kiev. Others have been dispersed both within Ukraine and overseas. Incredibly, they are still able to function, not without difficulty and a degree of ingenuity. One of our staff, who […]

Reaching unreached people in Africa

CV Africa recently joined with OneHope to bridge the gap in reaching the unreached in Africa. Many people in Africa have a strong desire to connect with a local church, but they don’t know how to do this, or where to go. As a result, CV has partnered with OneHope to start a pilot project […]