From her hospital bed, Rosa*, a long-time Instagram follower of yesHEis Philippines, interacts with many of the posts we share. More recently, Rosa engaged us in conversation and opened up about how our content and activities have lifted her bedridden spirits and inspired her to share the teachings of Jesus. This is what she had […]


After her mother’s death, Olga* found herself all alone. She stopped talking to people and leaving the house, cutting herself off from her contacts. There were even several suicide attempts.  Upon learning about Olga’s story, the National Pioneers Initiative (NPI) team in Europe immediately mobilised to make a home visit. This is their story. We […]


Trauma is an emotional response that usually presents itself after a deeply distressing or disturbing experience, and it affects everyone differently. Brought to you by the CV Americas team, this video reminds sufferers that they are not alone in their journey because Jesus understands; he too suffered from a deeply disturbing event. This video is […]


CV is a global Christian ministry with a mission to introduce people to Jesus. One of the many ways CV achieves this mission is by working in partnership with local churches through activities such as CV Outreach.  CV Outreach connects people who encounter evangelistic content online with a local church or believer near them, providing […]


I cannot remember the exact day I became a Christian, but I do remember what happened the day after: I changed completely. I stopped swearing instantaneously and my whole outlook on life was different.  As Mark Twain said: The two most important days of your life are the day you are born and the day […]