A Path to Salvation

Luis* reached out to our Latin America team via yesHEis. He shared with our team that he was struggling and confused, and worried that God did not accept him. Soraida from our response team spent time online with Luis telling him about the love, grace and mercy of God. She presented Luis with a path […]

Do all Religions Lead to God?

This video, created by CV Latin America and repurposed by CV USA, is helping us to reach people with the Gospel in the US and Canada. Through CV Outreach, the video is getting plenty of traffic via landing pages, using the Google Ad Grant, and has allowed us to reach and bless even more people […]

Jesus Heals Hearts

Anu, a woman who was suffering with depression, loneliness and thoughts of suicide, reached out to our India team via the Meri Dua platform, which is an online evangelism site. One of our team members, Manish, spent time online with Anu sharing about Jesus and how he could transform her life. Anu was keen to […]

Digital Evangelism Event a Huge Success

Our yesHEis Philippines team recently led a Digital Evangelism training day in Manila for 431 participants from over 100 churches. The event was a huge success complete with live music, testimonies and worship. As a result of the day, over 300 people indicated their desire to receive Jesus into their lives! The event highlighted the […]

Growing Great Teams

Learning how different teams operate and innovate can help us to be better and brighter. Our CV North America team recently experienced this firsthand when our manager organised for us to work through the principles in the book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team – A Leadership Fable, by Patrick Lencioni. Lencioni details the five […]

CV Africa Featured at Microsoft Event

Our South African ICT Specialist, Kegan Van Der Berg, was recently invited to speak at the Microsoft Azure workshop on how we use their services in our ministry. Microsoft Azure provides qualifying non-profit organisations with a $3,500 credit to use on their cloud services. The CV Africa team has benefited from this grant for the […]

CV Outreach Partner Cares for Community

One of our CV Outreach partner churches in North America has been welcoming large numbers of people who responded to our Introduction to Jesus campaigns. The church, led by Pastor J, has used conversation, counselling and compassion to help these newcomers connect to Christ. Through one of the outreach initiatives, his church was able to […]

Life On Mission

Hernan and his wife Agus are evangelists, but they may not be what you would expect. Whilst their days involve work, chores and the daily grind, they do all of these things with a different focus. Of this they say: “We live for our mission.” Street evangelism isn’t an activity that they plan out, rather […]

Mercy for Venezuela

“The Lord is good and his mercy endures forever.” 2 Chronicles 7:3 Despite all of the mishaps, we end the month with a heart full of joy and gratitude to God for all that he has done in Venezuela. Another three beautiful churches were opened here this month and we have seen a steady growth […]

Fruit That Endures

John 15:16 talks about us bearing fruit that endures. In various translations it uses the words: abides, lasts and remains. In a sense, this is an oxymoron as fruit by its very nature decays and has a sell by date. Fruit has to be eaten fresh. Yet here Jesus is talking about fruit that endures […]