Connecting People to Church

Easter is a significant time in the Christian calendar, with churches across the globe experiencing record attendance. More people are open to the idea of connecting to a church during this time, but many still face the challenge of not having a connection to a church. The Cross=Love campaign, in partnership with Hillsong South Africa, […]

Demons Flee: Impact East Timor

My wife and I are NPI pastoral successors in East Timor. Recently, while returning from the funeral of my wife’s father at around 9pm, we were driving through a small town when a group of teenagers stopped to ask us for help. They were desperate because one of their friends was possessed by an evil […]

App User Invites Friend to Church: France

CV community teams are constantly engaged in conversations with people who reach out to us using the chat feature in the yesHEis App. Often, these people are Christians who are searching for encouragement and help to share their faith. Community teams sometimes ‘snooze’ conversations, which means that they set reminders to return to certain conversations […]

Discussions on the Concept of God: China

The term ‘God’ is widely perceived by Chinese people as referring to a mysterious deity of the Western world, or is associated with common superstition. A great many people reject or even rebuke the Gospel. However, when we recently raised some controversial questions about God, it immediately sparked numerous discussions. Joy, a community specialist with […]