CV’s First Steps in Nigeria

One of the most challenging – and energising! – aspects of working on the continent of Africa is the incredible diversity our teams need to take into account in any missions activity, whether it be on-the-ground or digital work. That diversity is expressed in language, culture, heritage, and many other factors at play within the […]

94,000 People Hear the Gospel in Colombia

This month, more than 94,000 people heard the Good News of Jesus at a two day ‘Hope Festival’ in Colombia, led by Franklin Graham. CVCLAVOZ was there. Thursday through Saturday was supposed to be raining, but each day the clouds held back and nearly two thousand people came forward to profess hope in Christ. On […]

The Mausoleum

I was recently in Vietnam and went to visit the mausoleum of Ho Chi Min. It is a large building set in a very large park area in central Hanoi. The thing that struck me was how many Vietnamese people came to pay homage to their former leader. I had noticed the same thing previously […]