The Gospel Brings Peace in War: Venezuela

“Blessed is the man that trust in the Lord, and whose hope is the Lord. “ Jeremiah 17: 7 We praise God for His grace and peace that has been poured out upon us and has sustained and strengthened us in this very difficult time in Venezuela. The country is divided, there are two leaderships, […]

Well-known Singer Visits Radio Voz: Impact East Timor

Radio Voz, our FM radio station in East Timor, is now run by UCB and continues to impact lives. Recently the Radio Voz team was visited by a well-known East Timorese singer, whose life has been transformed by the Lord and who has been a loyal Radio Voz listener for a long time. The singer […]

yesHEis App Helps Young Christian to Share her Faith: Australia


A young woman reached out to our Australia team via the Jesus Bot on Facebook, because she wanted to share her faith with others. She was curious about the yesHEis app and wanted to know if it could help her to tell others about Jesus. We shared a video from the app with her, to […]

Young Girl Exchanges Suicidal Thoughts for God’s Grace in her Heart: Philippines

Analyn* grew up without parents. Her mother died when she was just 11 months old, and her father died during a period of gun violence when Analyn was just 6 years old. Her situation made her angry at God and she questioned Him a lot, unable to understand why He didn’t allow her to grow […]

A Fasting Question Leads to Changed Life: Australia

Lucas* reached out to our yesHEis team through the chat feature in the yesHEis app. He wanted to know what fasting was. Our team member connected with him to answer his question. During their conversation, Lucas said: “I always wonder how to start a conversation about Jesus and to not worry about what others think […]

God Heals Terminal Cancer: Latin America

One of our CVCLAVOZ listeners, Elaisa*, had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Doctors estimated she would not live longer than one more month. Elaisa sent a prayer request through the website One of our response team members contacted her. He promised to pray for Elaisa and encouraged her to have faith and trust in […]

Love God


‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.’ Deuteronomy 6:5 This is the first commandment, but how many of us practice it? The commandment is challenging us in three areas: heart, soul, and strength, which incorporate every aspect of our being. Heart speaks of […]

Pastor Faces Local Sorcerer: Impact East Timor

Pastor Eurico* is the indigenous leader of a church in East Timor, where he bravely faced the local sorcerer. In rural villages, animist beliefs are deeply rooted and some are very absurd. When there was a landslide on one of the mountains, the local sorcerer said this was a bad omen, indicating that a community […]

Prayer Restores Livelihood

Akar* and his wife Marlar* were farmers. Akar suffered from terrible knee pain for a long time. He was unable to work because he could hardly walk. One day one of our local Pioneers came to visit the farmer couple. The Pioneer shared the Gospel with both of them. She told them about how powerful […]

yesHEis Takes Part in Intentional Discipleship Conference: Philippines

The CV Philippines Team recently attended the 2019 Intentional Discipleship Conference, for which 11,000 people came together to learn how to intentionally disciple and evangelise nations. We felt like it was one of the most meaningful and moving conferences we have ever attended. As a yesHEis team, we have experience in engaging with the community. […]