Conquering Darkness and Uncovering Truth : China

relief from suffering

We recently received a heartbreaking message from Alison*, who was in a very dark place. She wrote: “I hate myself. I always do the wrong thing but I can’t help it. I have no control! I always tell lies, like when others ask for my help, I often make up a reason for why I […]

The Man in White : Southeast Asia

Reach muslims for Christ

“My husband and I got divorced and my life went downhill fast. I was depressed, stressed out, and constantly questioning whether or not my life was worth living. Things went from bad to worse, and eventually I tried to commit suicide by jumping into a well four meters deep and half filled with water. I […]

Online Church Outreach : Australia

Church outreach

We are seeing an increase in people hungry to know God. It has been made clear that, to some, getting connected to a church or God simply wouldn’t have been possible if not for online contact. Last week when I shared at the 2017 Engage Conference, a national conference in New Zealand helping to equip […]

Lives Rescued : Impact Myanmar

reach people for Christ|reach people for Christ

The NPI pioneers in Myanmar are actively and effectively working to reach people for Christ and build self-sustaining churches. Here are some of their stories: One man is a recent convert who has now become a pioneer. At his regular Gospel outreach, he met a couple near Irrawaddy river bank and shared with them the […]

Opportunities to Reach the Community : Middle East

reach the community

Value and Purpose “Behold what manner of love the Father has bestowed on us, that we should be called children of God!” 1 John 3:1 This month we released videos talking about value and purpose, with a focus on people who are frustrated from not being up to standard, feel worthless, and who search for […]

I’ve Been Set Free : Southeast Asia

relief from suffering

Here is a story from a new believer, who has come to know the freeing love of Jesus through the National Pioneer’s Initiative: “All my life I was a faithful Muslim; I followed its rules and rituals since I could remember. And then Jesus came into my life, and things changed. Before I knew it, […]

Community Impact : Latin America

community impact

We were blessed to receive the following messages from yesHEis users and CVCLAVOZ listeners throughout September. Each story reminds us of how our activities can achieve community impact in unique and timely ways. Maricela* from Cuba wrote to our yesHEis team and said: “With tears in my eyes I write to you after watching your […]

A Soul Saved : Armenia

modern Christian media

We received a letter from a man in Armenia, who wrote to us after watching a yesHEis video. At first, he was against Christianity. He told us that he didn’t believe in God and didn’t read the Bible. One of our online volunteers started a conversation with him. After a few days and prayers for […]

Healed of Cancer : Impact Sumatra

healed of cancer testimony

“Before I came to Christ, I experienced something amazing. My mother had a cancerous lump on her breast the size of a ping pong ball. After praying to Jesus, that same lump shrunk to the size of a marble! It was a miracle, and seeing such a thing firsthand convinced me that Jesus is the […]

Christian Media Touches Lives : Indonesia

modern Christian media

Fani* is a teenage girl with a Christian background, who lives in Pontianak. She comes from a broken family and has a difficult relationship with her father. She contacted our yesHEis team to ask what to do. The responder encouraged her with this thought: “God can restore you as long as you can forgive the […]