#1BPJ – 1 Billón para Jesús

Mass movement, 1BPJ (1 Billón para Jesús), calls on the churches of Mexico to come together, regardless of their particular Christian affiliations, and take to the nation’s streets to share and celebrate the gospel.

On June 28, 2019, approximately 25,000 people spilled onto the streets for 1BPJ visiting hospitals, jails, malls to pray for and bring hope to strangers. Many of these strangers subsequently opened their hearts to Jesus and accepted him as their saviour. 

The following day, the same 25,000 participants met at the iconic Estadio Azul (or Blue Stadium), the epicentre for many of the games played by popular Mexican soccer team Equipo Cruz Azul, and brought with them many of the people that had given their lives to Jesus the day before.

The event was open to all with advertising containing only the word Jesus and the event location/date.

Complete with live music and speakers, the event’s ambitious goal was to gather ‘1 billion people for Jesus.’ and because the event aligned with CV’s goal of touching-a-billion lives with the message of Jesus, the CVCLAVOZ team joined the masses and recorded this historical event!

Watch CVCLAVOZ’s coverage of this wonderful, inspiring and impactful event here (video is in Spanish) #touchabillion  


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