Youth Leaders Empowered at GYM 2023 Event

In an effort to inspire and unite young Christian leaders, CV Brazil recently participated in the Global Youth Movement (GYM) 2023, a significant event organised by the Global Kingdom Partnership Network (GKPN). The event saw thousands of passionate young individuals and youth leaders from all corners of Brazil come together with a common mission. This mission was to spread the message of hope and faith across the world in this generation.

During the event, the CV Brazil team hosted an engaging and informative workshop with two key focus topics. These topics were the contextualisation of the gospel, and the Church’s digital presence.

The team emphasised the importance of adapting the message of the gospel to suit the diverse contexts and cultural backgrounds of different communities. By contextualising the gospel, they aimed to make it more accessible and relevant to people from various walks of life.

The workshop also delved into the significance of a strong digital presence for the Church in the modern era. As technology continues to shape the way people connect and interact, CV Brazil urged participants to explore innovative ways of reaching out to people virtually.

At the conclusion of the workshop, an interactive Q&A session allowed attendees to seek clarification on various topics. 

Additionally, the audience had the opportunity to gain deeper insights into CV’s initiatives, share their ideas, and learn valuable tips for creating compelling digital content.

GYM 2023 provided a platform for young Christian leaders to connect, exchange ideas, and join forces in their shared goal of spreading the message of the gospel.


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