Water Festival 2022 Report

CV works to see impact by introducing people to Jesus in predominantly unreached areas. We do this through many campaigns, projects and activities around the world. 


The Water Festival 2022 Report is about one of the campaigns that was out-worked to see impact in this area. In this report, we see how a team of like-minded people were able to create a plan to reach the local Bhuddist community and share the gospel. 

The report discusses how this team created video content with topics that would speak directly to their target audience during one of the biggest Buddhist festivals of the year. 

These videos were promoted on Facebook where an astonishing amount of people were reached and heard about the unconditional and unfailing love of Jesus. Through this, there were many learnings that will be carried across to the next campaign, and the achievements and successes were documented along with what can be improved. 

Best of all, the team received countless testimonies from people on different paths of life, who saw these gospel videos and were touched by their topics. They spoke on how they were interested in hearing more about Jesus and how the gospel could impact their life for the better. To read the full report, see the image below. 

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