Upskilling CV Data Literacy

CV has recently launched a self-paced data literacy learning opportunity for all global staff.

The program does not aim to turn everyone into data scientists, but to increase their understanding of data literacy.

CV Data Analytics Manager, Andrew Flynn, said this knowledge is an important skill for all CV staff to have.

“If everyone could grow, even just a little bit, in their ability to read, work with, analyse, and communicate with data, it would be a huge gain for the organisation,” he said. “Just think about what we will be able to achieve collectively.”

The self-paced learning sessions will be supported by live open sessions hosted by Andrew.

“This will give people the opportunity to have any questions answered,” he said, “and get those attending to start making data-informed decisions.”

Andrew said data-informed decision-making is not a substitute for our dependence on God.

“Neither is it a replacement for the application of our collective wisdom and experience,” he said.

“However, data literacy is an important skill for the work we do here at CV.”


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