Thought leadership Nov 2018-Jun 2019

Here’s a recap of thought leadership contributed by CV teams between November 2018 and July 2019. Share them with pastors, friends and colleagues!

Five Reasons Your Church Should Get Involved in Digital Evangelism
Did you know that digital technologies have changed how Christians across the globe share their faith? From the way we do business to how we consume media; from how we prioritise our time, to where we spend our money – it wouldn’t be too much of an exaggeration to say the digital revolution has changed the very fabric of our world.

Disrupting the Christian Digital Evangelism Echo-Chamber
Digital evangelism offers the opportunity to reach the world. However, how can we be sure if the person visiting your church’s website or responding to your ad is the non-believer that your ministry is trying to reach? What if the people you are reaching are believing Christians, happy about your message?

A True Digital Journey is one of the world’s highest-ranking websites according to analytics firm Alexa. But in many ways, it was the result of a painful 18-month turnaround journey that made CVCLAVOZ an online hub for Christians in Latin America.

Future-tech, Spirituality and Humanity
Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation is happening right now. The question is, will it catch us off-guard or will we be prepared for the impact it will have on our way of working and being? Listen to a discussion on the redemptive possibility of future technologies, humanity and spirituality.

Reaching the Next Billion
More than four billion people are online today. We took almost a quarter of a century to reach this milestone. In just the next few years, however, the internet is expected to grow by an additional billion! We call this influx of new users ‘the next billion’ and they are unlike any previous generation of internet users. What are the opportunities for the Church?


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