During a Sunday church service recently in Manakara, Madagascar, a congregation prayed for God’s protection over one of our National Pioneers Initiative (NPI) pioneers, who was preparing to take a small community group into the nation’s capital, Antananarivo. 

Throughout the 12-hour journey, the bush taxi containing 17 passengers had encountered multiple flat tyres, but it wasn’t until the taxi was driving down the mountain that gunshots were heard.

The driver lost control of the bus due to another flat tyre and drove off the cliff’s edge before coming to a standstill. Miraculously, everyone survived. Despite a few minor bruises and scratches, all was okay. 

Our pioneer immediately realised a miracle had taken place because the taxi was so badly damaged that no one should have survived. 

While waiting for help, our pioneer told the passengers that her congregation had prayed over this journey and the safety of its passengers and thanked God for his protection over them. Since then she been sharing her miracle-story far and wide.

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