The Power of Digital Evangelism

CV uses Facebook campaigns as a way to digitally reach people around the world who have never heard the gospel or the message of salvation. 

As a part of our National Pioneers Initiative (NPI), CV has digital pioneers (online responders) and pioneer’s on the ground (similar to a traditional missionary) to help evangelise and accomplish this mission.

One of CV’s online responders from Somalia shared an uplifting story about a man named Habon*. 

After watching one of our Somali Facebook campaigns that encouraged people to ask us about Christianity, Habon reached out with a curious question: ‘Is there anyone who was a Muslim and is now a Christian? I want to know why they chose to become a Christian’. 

Our online responder, who was once a Muslim herself and found faith in Jesus through one of CV’s direct evangelism campaigns, explained her journey to Habon. She invited him to join her in following Jesus, but he declined, stating that he wanted to learn more about the facts. 

Our responder then shared her understanding of the difference between religion and relationship, and how she started studying the Bible. 

Intrigued, Habon asked our responder to share the Bible with him, and she has been guiding him through it ever since. 

Although Habon has not yet given his life to the Lord, please pray that he will, and that more people who come across CV’s digital campaigns and are curious about Christianity will come to faith.


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