The Positive Impact of Partnerships

CV’s Latin America team recently conducted a one-and-a-half hour training session for the Christian Fellowship Assembly (CFA) church in Paraguay, in partnership with Pastor Joshua Abreu. 

The training covered topics such as Chat GPT, content creation, selection of content for different social media platforms, and community strategies for connecting with seekers. The webinar was attended by 80 members of the CFA team.

The impact is expected to be significant in terms of reach on a global scale, as the skills and knowledge gained by the CFA team can be shared with other churches and organisations – helping to mobilise others to digitally evangelise. 

The training session was made possible through a connection within the Global Kingdom Partnership Network (GKPN), which was facilitated by Lady Tracie Edmiston during a visit to GKPN, Capetown.

Following the success of the first webinar, the CV Latin America team is coordinating a second training session and is planning to establish an institutional partnership between CFA and CV. 

This partnership is predicted to have a positive impact on the expansion of CFA’s outreach efforts, and the sharing of knowledge and resources within the GKPN network.


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